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How To Launch Your Console Application With A Maximized Window

Forgetting your old school CGA, EGA and then VGA displays of rich 8-bit color, 80×25 displays, we now can have all that screen in a console application, all in a window. A console window you can resize, minimize or maximize … Read More »»»

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How To “Take Ownership” Of A File Or A Folder And Add It To Right-Click Context Menu Of Windows File Explorer

At some point in time you may come across a file or a folder that Windows denies you access to, even though your account belongs to the Administrator group. If this is the case, you would want to see if … Read More »»»

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How to Schedule Scrips in PowerShell By Using A Timer Object

If you are a Systems Administrator or an enthusiast who used PowerShell scrips, you know they can be very useful. And sometimes you may want to execute a script block at scheduled intervals – for instance, every 10 minutes or … Read More »»»

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How to Import Pictures for the Second Time – “No New Pictures or Videos Were Found on This Device” Message

Today I imported pictures from my mom’s iPhone into my own picture library and, before upgrading her to iOS 5, decided to import them into a different folder so that there is a separate copy of just hers pictures in … Read More »»»

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Where is Disk Management Utility in Windows 7?

Click Start → Control Panel. Click on on System and Security link and then click on Administrative Tools. On the right pane, double-click Computer Management and select Disk Management under Storage in the left pane of the newly opened window. … Read More »»»

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IIS 6 Problem With Not Showing Default.aspx as the Default Document

Have you ever hosted your .NET site on IIS? Both hosting your site on a Windows server and maintaining it in IIS is quite easy, considering both come from Microsoft. If you ever did, you know you can specify your … Read More »»»

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