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TypeScript Error: Cannot re-export name that is not defined in the module

When building an Angular2/TypeScript project in Visual Studio, you may encounter an error during the built: 1>node_modules\angular2\src\facade\promise.d.ts(2,10): error TS2661: Build: Cannot re-export name that is not defined in the module. The error i thrown on this line: static reject(obj: any, … Read More »»»

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How To Set Up Multiple Websites Bound To The Same SSL Port In IIS On The Same Server

Once you have obtained SSL certificates for your domain names, you head over to the Internet Information Services Manager snap-in on you server, sure that it’s going to be a snap to set your websites up. You will quickly find … Read More »»»

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Creating A Phone Number Input Control With Javascript

In this article I am going to show you how to create a cool phone number control in HTML using Javascript. Surely you have seen forms where you are asked to enter a phone number in three boxes – one … Read More »»»

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How to Allow Only Numbers in HTML TextBox Using Javascript

Sometimes you want to constrain what a user can enter in a textbox input on a page. This article shows you an easy way to do it with javascript and explains how it works. In short, you want to trap … Read More »»»

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How to Implement a Superscript or Subscript Class with CSS

If you need to add a superscript or subscript text to your paragraph, you can surely use the <sup> and <sub> tags. There is one major problem with it – the line height. Look at the code below: <p> No … Read More »»»

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Microsoft .NET MVC Framework: How to Use Named Anchors (URL Hash Links) in Html.ActionLink

In HTML you can specify which part of the page you want to scroll to if a user clicks on a page using the hash symbol (#) like this: My Topic … Given how MVC works differently and the URL … Read More »»»

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Microsoft .NET MVC: How to Use Hyphens in URLs for Conrollers and Actions

Once you created your MVC project, surely you can use underscores in in the names of your controllers and actions. Using hyphens in URLs, however, can make a difference for when your site is discovered by search engines. When you … Read More »»»

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Microsoft .NET MVC 4 Framework: How to Add a Custom Attribute to <%@ Page %> Directive of a Generic ViewPage Class

In Windows Forms .NET projects, adding a custom attribute to the <%@ Page %> directive is easy – all you have to do is simply create your base class that inherits from the System.Web.UI.Page class and add a public property … Read More »»»

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Tutorial: Microsoft .NET MVC Framework, Part 1: Building You First Page

While you may know what a Model-View-Controller architecture is (if you don’t I suggest you learn it first), you probably could use some tips and guidance on how to create your first page using Microsoft’s .NET MVC Framework if you … Read More »»»

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Using HTML5 Web Workers to Create Dedicated Threads in Javascript

What are Web Workers in HTML5? Web Workers are new feature in HTML5 allowing you to launch background threads in Javascript, a very useful feature if you need to perform some CPU intensive tasks. Normally, Javascript will execute all the … Read More »»»

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