Why and How to Add Your Blog to Technorati

Why add your blog to Technorati? Because it is a popular blog directory and search engine. And it is free. Millions of blogs are already there so if you want your blog to be more discoverable, you sure would want to be listed there. You would probably also want to add Technorati tags to your posts that will link to their page listing other blogs with related content. You may ask, why you would want to do that and drive traffic away from your own blog? – But don’t forget that it works both ways, and other blogs will be linked to your site through tags as well. Aside from that, it will provide plenty of inbound and outbound links between related content on your blog and others’ blogs, which will most certainly increase your authority and rankings on other search engines.

Now, how do you add your blog to Technorati? It is actually quite simple: go to Technorati site and sign up for an account. After that go to your account and scroll down to the box that says Start a blog claim. Enter the URL of your blog and click claim. On the next page, fill out the details about your blog and submit them. Technorati will then send you an email similar to this:

This is an automatically-generated email.

Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the site by looking for a unique code. We have just assigned the claim token TCXW6Q3S75D7 to this claim. Please visit http://technorati.com/account/ for more details, including how to use the claim token.

Thank you.

Click on the account link, log in if necessary, and click on the Check Claim button. This will give you details on how to verify your claim. In short, all you have to do is to create a post in your blog that contains the verification code that was sent to you in the email. Publish your post, go back to your account page and click the Verify Claim Token button. You are done!

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