5 Responses to Android Marketplace: How to Resolve “Your username and password do not match” Error

  1. Compo says:


    I didn’t have two step verification on my phone when this started happening a few days ago. tried setting up a new password which worked on my pc but failed on my Android device. and it randomly came on the screen without me trying to use anything.

  2. Compo says:


    I added two step verification revoked access for my phone and created a new password and all works fine.

    Thanks loads

  3. Jim says:

    I have had this problem too. However I have been able to confirm that it was not a setting on the phone issue or an Phone ID problem. What I found was the password itself was not compatible. I was using a 2.2 android system. My password was 14 characters long at the time it had

  4. bennie collins says:

    It still doing the same thing

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