Pokemon Go Cheats And Bots

Typically you would be playing Pokémon Go by going outside and walking the streets, going mad trying to catch that evasive rare Pokémon, getting hit by cars, and even getting arrested.

Now, all of this can be avoided by using bots. Bots are programs that automatically “walk” for you, using Pokémon Go’s APIs. Some of them are free and some capitalize on your desire and addiction. They will automatically walk the streets, catch Pokémon, fight other Pokémon, give you candy and can level you up quite fast.

Here are a few of them:

Bot Free? Trial? How Much? Link
Pokemon Go Bot NO 3 times per day for 30 minutes. $19.99/mo https://www.gnbots.com/pokemon-go-bot.php
This Pokemon Go bot allows you to Auto Catch Pokemon, Auto Farm Pokestops, Auto Hatch Eggs, Auto Snipe Rare Pokemon and Much More! While cheating is always risky, PokeAuto is currently the safest Pokemon Go bot on the market. PokeAuto is the only Pokemon Go bot that includes anti ban techniques. Use these features wisely to further protect yourself from bans!
PokemonGoF / PokemonGo-Bot YES n/a n/a https://github.com/PokemonGoF/PokemonGo-Bot
PokemonGo-Bot is very popular and has a vibrant community.

This is an Open Source project! Nix & Python.
Pokemon Go Bot GoBot YES n/a n/a http://www.getjar.com/categories/tool-apps/Pokemon-Go-Bot-GoBot-896629
Features include: Autowalk (through predefined routes or random walking arround point you set on map), Catching pokemons (You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on pokemons with cp higher then ur value), Looting pokestops, Transfering pokemons (You choose whats max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind), Evolving pokemons (You choose min CP to evolve), Hatch eggs, 4 speed options (Slow, Medium, High, Super fast), Clean potions and revives (to make space for pokeballs)
Pokebot NO 1 hour twice per day. $24.95/mo http://pokebot.org/
Claims to be the safest Pokemon Go bot to hit the market.
Necrobot YES n/a n/a https://github.com/NecronomiconCoding/NecroBot
This is an Open Source project! .NET & C#

Apparently they got sued.

When using bots, be aware that Pokemon Go may terminate your account if it thinks you are cheating.
There appears to be not too many bots these days, with one of them, as you can see, already shut down for legal precedence.
If you found another one, comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

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