Ibotta – Since you get your groceries anyway, might as well get cash back

Ibotta is my favorite app! Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this and judge for yourself:

Ibotta Free Money Rebates

If you like what you see, please use this link to download the app or register. If you’re downloading on the phone by just searching, help me out and punch in FQRURIS as referral code, will be much appreciated.


Typically, Ibotta will give you rebates in about $1-2 range, unless you are a beer drinker or choose you other poison, and you rebates go up to $3-4. Just scan the barcode and take a picture of the receipt and you’re good!
In a case when you just get your veggies, there is always a rebate for some fruit and/or veggies. Add other condiments, etc. – there is always something to get you some back. May not be much but it all adds up eventually – what do you got to lose?

This app has been verified by me personally for a few months now and I vouch for it, as I did get some help with my bills!

Here’s the link again: Ibotta
And if it asks you for a referral code, help me out and enter FQRURIS.

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