How To Save On GoDaddy Renewal Fees Without Coupons or Discounts

If you are like me and have domains registered with, you know you get a great deal to register one for a year but then comes the dreaded renewal time and searches of numerous coupon websites in hopes to score a deal on a renewal of your expiring domain name.

Here, I’ll show you simple steps to save, usually about 20%, on about anything, from domain registrations, domain renewals, SSL certificates, hosting – really, anything you can buy from GoDaddy. Even if you already have a promo code – be sure to apply it!

Ok, let’s get to it!

Go to and add you products to cart.
Apply a coupon if you have one to discount the price.
Note the price in US dollars.
Now look at the upper right corner where it lets you select the language and currency.
From the currency drop-down, change USD (US dollar) to INR (Indian rupee).
Note the price in Indian rupees.
Verify you just got a good deal of a discount! Go to Google and search for “usd to ind“, then enter the IND amount in there to see how much it would cost you in US dollars. Don’t forget that your bank will still charge you currency conversion fee but that should be so small that you’ll still get an awesome discount.

Here’s an example, as of now:
A one-website SSL certificate costs $55.99/yr (20% discount currently applied). Switch to INR, and it shows Rs2,748.00/yr (37% discount currently applied). Convert IND to USD, and you get $42.63, which is about 24% off extra!

Now, INR is not the only currency in the drop-down so go and play around!

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