Writing Your First Android Application: What Do You Need to Start Developing an Android App?

So you decided to play around with Android and write an application. Your starting point is, of course, what do you need to write an app, possibly what language is it written in, and is there an IDE that you can use. Software, Java and yes would be your answers. Let’s start from the top – in order to develop an Android application you will need the latest version of Java SE Development Kit in the first place. Once installed, you need to install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers – this will be the interface where you will develop your apps. When prompted for the workspace folder, I would suggest changing it to something more sensible as opposed to the default workspace folder under your Windows account path. Finally, with Java SE and Eclipse IDE installed, you need to download and install the ADT Plugin for Eclipse. You are now all set to start developing Android applications! To start Eclipse, run eclipse.exe from the folder where you installed it in.

The software above will provide you with an IDE to develop and compile Android applications. That said, it would be nothing unless you understand the underlying Android structure of an application.

So go ahead, rein your horses and start your journey to your First Android Application!

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