Just Young Is C# 6, And Here Comes C#7! What is New in C# 7 and What To Expect?

It has not been long since C# 6 release with a few useful improvements, and here comes C# 7 – excited yet?! Watch your recliner and read on:

I have not used that much so please go ahead and comment your thoughts. These are going from reference type to value type. It appears simple syntax is taking on again:

var result = (5, 20);
var result = (count: 5, sum: 20);


Multi-Value Returns From Functions/Methods

This is quite a feast (let’s consume that all together while drooling) for getting out out of parameters. I'm sure I'm note the only one who wanted to return multiple values from a method. Presumably, you'll be able to have code that looks like this:

(x, y, z) = new Foo().Boo();
public class Foo {
public (int x, string y, SomeClass z) Boo()

That look beautiful yet?

Next, following the case in switches, looks like there is a freedom of deciding when. Say,

switch (object value)
case int value when value == 0:
// do something
case string value when value == "n/a":
// do something else

There is quite some more changes that I don't feel comfortable talking about as I don't have enough experience with those, but C# 7 looks like a good overheaul and great improvements!
Sound your thoughts in the comments!

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