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How to Trash/Spam All Unreviewed Posts in WordPress (MySql Way)

If you ever got too many comments that you feel are undesired (usually spam, or all) and need to do so, here is an easy way to do this: log in to your MySql database and run the following statement: … Read More »»»

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Subversion Error “Access to ‘/svn/my-repo-name/!svn/act/some-guid’ forbidden” When Trying To Commit

You have just created a directory on your drive, successfully did a Check Out of a repository, made some changes and now are committing them. However, you are getting this unclear error and are asking yourself – what does it … Read More »»»

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The Uploaded File Could Not Be Moved Error In WordPress on IIS7

When you are running your WordPress on IIS7, you may get the following error when using the Upload/Insert in WordPress: “The uploaded file could not be moved to C:\inetpub\www\myblog\wp-content\upload” To resolve this problem, first try giving the NETWORK SERVICE account … Read More »»»

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How to Close Your Android Application on a Button Click

It’s a common thing to have a button in your application that will close and exit it, especially if you are used to Windows. In Android, however, it would normally be the operating system itself that takes care of such … Read More »»»

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I Have a Gmail Account, How Can I Show All Unread Emails But Only in My Inbox?

With the amount of emails that all of us are getting in our inboxes these days, sometimes we’d simply bulk mark the messages as read, filtering out the ones that we want to look at. Problem being, you do not … Read More »»»

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How to Set Up WordPress Pretty Permalinks in IIS6

WordPress supports pretty permalinks, which are user-friendly URLs for your posts, pages, tags, etc. They work perfectly fine if you have your WordPress installation running on Apache web server and are being processed by an Apache add-on module called mod_rewrite. … Read More »»»

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