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Using HTML5 Web Workers to Create Dedicated Threads in Javascript

What are Web Workers in HTML5? Web Workers are new feature in HTML5 allowing you to launch background threads in Javascript, a very useful feature if you need to perform some CPU intensive tasks. Normally, Javascript will execute all the … Read More »»»

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Using HTML5 Canvas to Draw Simple Shapes

You should now have an understanding of what a <canvas> tag is in HTML5. So, let’s start with drawing some simple shapes. Whenever you need to draw on your canvas, you need to obtain the canvas context first. The context … Read More »»»

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What is the Difference Between Canvas and Svg Tags and Which One Should I Use?

The two new tags introduced in HTML5 are <canvas> and <svg>, the latter standing for Scalable Vector Graphics. They both can allow you to create rich graphics on the page but what is the difference between them and which one … Read More »»»

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