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How to Add a Shadow to Text Using CSS

Sometimes a well done shadow makes a huge difference in user experience. Shadows are cool and give a very nice look to the text on your website. They are extremely easy to implement via CSS3 as well, but don’t get … Read More »»»

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Converting a String into an Enum Variable and Vise Versa

Sometimes you come across situations when you would want to convert an enum variable to a string. For instance, you might want to store it in a database as a string. This is, of course, very easy to do, given … Read More »»»

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Cool CSS3 Effects: Rotate a Block Element

Never has it been easier to rotate elements in HTML given the CSS3 standard. All it takes a few lines of CSS. As usual, different browsers have different rule names for it Let’s get a div to rotate itself 15°. … Read More »»»

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