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Cool CSS3 Effects: Shadowed Boxes

Shadows are always cool! We are all used to message boxes showing on our screen that stand out towards you just because there is a shadow behind them. So how do you create something like that on your webpage using … Read More »»»

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Cool CSS3 Effects: How to Create Rounded Corners Using CSS

Ever wondered how you can create rounded corner borders on a block element, such as <div>? It is very much possible with CSS3. Of course, you are still facing limitations because of the browser versions. However, most popular browsers’ latest … Read More »»»

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How to Use Existing Interaction Client (IC) Connection in Your Addin

Every time you instantiate a session in your IC addin, a new connection is made to the I3 server. It does not matter whether it got connected or failed, it’s there. If your addin is specific to a user or … Read More »»»

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Developing an Interactive Client (IC) Addin, The Beginners Guide

There are two types of applications you can develop for Interaction Client: a plugin and an addin. A plugin, inherently from its name, is an application that will plug itself into the client itself and will be able to modify … Read More »»»

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“Error while storing the user information” When Creating a User in MySQL Administrator

When trying to create a new user or change permissions in MySQL Administrator, you may get the following error: ‘Error while storing the user information. The user might have been deleted. Please refresh the user list.’ The solution to this … Read More »»»

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