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Centering a Div on the Page, Vertically and Horizontally, So That It Is Always in the Center Independent on Browser Window Size

I am sure you at some point wanted to center a <div> element (or, perhaps, an image or some other HTML element) in the browser content area. While positioning it horizontally is easy, just a matter of setting your left-margin … Read More »»»

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Why and How to Add Your Blog to Technorati

Why add your blog to Technorati? Because it is a popular blog directory and search engine. And it is free. Millions of blogs are already there so if you want your blog to be more discoverable, you sure would want … Read More »»»

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Thank You!

Thank you everyone who posted a comment saying you appreciate my posts! I am glad I could help!

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Executing Code During MSI Package Installation

Ever wondered if you can execute code during an installation of your Visual Studio Setup project? It can be that you want to modify the Windows registry or set up some custom directories, or simply check for something. In any … Read More »»»

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Trim Text to a Specified Number of Words

Sometimes, mostly on a website, you want to trim text to a certain number of characters. For instance, when you are listing posts and want them to look uniform. However, you want the end to end at a word, likely … Read More »»»

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Create a Page With a Header, Content and Footer That Span 100% Height in the Browser

Surely you have seen pages that span 100% height of your browser’s canvas area, even though the content may be just a line or two. If you are still wondering how to do this, here’s you complete guide, although without … Read More »»»

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How to Deal With “Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.” Error

When performing operations on collections, you may get the following exception: “Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.” You will get this error if you are adding to and removing items from a collection in loops and, surprisingly, when … Read More »»»

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