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How to Write to Windows Event Log

Ever wondered how to write to Windows event log? It’s quite easy! The System.Diagnostics namespace provides you with what you need. All you need is the name of your application which is going to show under the Source column, the … Read More »»»

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What is Lambda Expressions? Basics Explained.

You keep wondering what it is and it may scare you at first. It is quite simple, in fact, just another thing to understand. Lambda expressions can certainly be complex, but, start with a simple q => q.A == a; … Read More »»»

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An AJAX GET Request

Well, a fairly old theme. But, that does not mean that everyone knows it. Here’s a bit of some code and a short explanation of how it works. If short is not for you, post a comment and I’ll be … Read More »»»

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How to Trim() a String

Sometimes we all wonder: how is it that such a widespread language as javascript does not already have a built-in function like trim()?! Weird, yes. Easy, yes, too. In fact, you can simply extend the String object with any number … Read More »»»

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Good Evening-Morning, Yall IT Dudes and Dudettes!

Being in IT, and having encountered many situations when you’d just want to share something you’d found, I decided to create a blog. Well… not more of a blog, rather a resource, sorta a cross between googling, forums, blogs and … Read More »»»

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