An Addition to GDAX Exchange to Automatically Calculate Coin Amount in Limit Buy Order

If you are trading on GDAX digital currency exchange, you probably know the pain of calculating the limit buy order size if you want to use all or part of your USD/EUR balance, rather than specifying the number of coins. … Read More »»»

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How To Save On GoDaddy Renewal Fees Without Coupons or Discounts

If you are like me and have domains registered with, you know you get a great deal to register one for a year but then comes the dreaded renewal time and searches of numerous coupon websites in hopes to … Read More »»»

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How To Programmatically Flush log4net Message Buffer

If you have set a buffer size on one or more of your log4net appenders, the logger will buffer the messages before dumping them, for instance, into a file or a database. That optimizes the performance but what if you … Read More »»»

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How To Launch Your Console Application With A Maximized Window

Forgetting your old school CGA, EGA and then VGA displays of rich 8-bit color, 80×25 displays, we now can have all that screen in a console application, all in a window. A console window you can resize, minimize or maximize … Read More »»»

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Ibotta – Since you get your groceries anyway, might as well get cash back

Ibotta is my favorite app! Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this and judge for yourself: If you like what you see, please use this link to download the app or register. If you’re downloading … Read More »»»

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Pokemon Go Cheats And Bots

Typically you would be playing Pokémon Go by going outside and walking the streets, going mad trying to catch that evasive rare Pokémon, getting hit by cars, and even getting arrested. Now, all of this can be avoided by using … Read More »»»

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Adding an Infinite Nested Hierarchy of Observable Objects Using Knockout from .NET Core / MVC

Sometimes you may come across a situation where your JSON is representing a hierarchy of objects, which you then would like to show on a page. One of the common ways to do that is nested div‘s but, of course, … Read More »»»

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Calculating Statistical Values in T-SQL: Mean (Average), Median, Mode and Range

Sometimes you may need to calculate statistical values based on a set of values you have in a table. Let’s start with explaining what these values represent, in case you don’t already know. For the purposes of this post, we … Read More »»»

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Infinite Loop in Query String In MVC Project – Yellow Screen Of Death

When you set up your MVC project with Windows Authentication, e.g. … … You are likely to encounter the yellow screen of death with the following error message when running your solution on the internal Visual Studio IIS Express: HTTP … Read More »»»

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How To Change A Bootstrap Popover Title And Content Dynamically

Typically, when creating a bootstrap popover, you would declare, initialize and call it like this: Do Something $(function() { $(‘[data-toggle=”popover”]’)({ trigger: ‘manual’, placement: ‘auto top’, delay: { show: 500, hide: 500 } }); }); function doSomething() { $(‘#do-something-popover’).popover(‘show’); } However, … Read More »»»

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